Customize your Diamond Jewelry 訂造鑽石首飾
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Vencazi offers tailor-made jewelry! 
Simply provide your target price, quality and/or design, and leave all the rest for us! 

A diamond of 0.80-1.50 carat is the most coveted for engagement rings. 
Vencazi can advise you of the optimum diamond. 

- Accord with your budget / target price on diamond sourcing. 
- Accord with your quality request on diamond sourcing then informing the price. 

+ 可依客人要求訂造 
+ 可提供價格要求, 我司會依貴客价目安排. 
+ 可提供品質要求(包括要否GIA), 我司會依貴客要求選石再報价.


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You can contact us and let us know your opinions and ideas by sending email to us at antyime. Our representatives will get back to you WITHIN 24 HOURS.: