Digitise My Photos 相片掃描服務
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日期: 2016-04-10
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舊照片變數碼相片 - 我們為您提供一個香港本地,可靠又價錢相宜的照片掃描服務。將舊照片變成數碼相片。

掃描像素方面,我們為您提供標準像素及高像素兩種選擇 - 您的照片,您的選擇!


website: digitisemyphotos.wordpress.com

Photos To Digital Images - We provide a Reliable and Affordable Hong Kong service to convert printed photos into Digital Images.

Our conversion process can be done at either Standard or High Density – your photos, your choice!

Visit our website for how to stop your precious photos from further aging, damage or even loss!