Tacx Deva 單車水壺架 (行輪 Bike Parts)
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日期: 2016-11-16
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Optimal clamping

The Deva distinguishes itself due to its optimal clamping. The cylindrical shape of the Deva considerably reduces the chance of the bottle working its way out of the cage and falling, preventing dangerous situations. In combination with the Shiva and Shanti bottles by Tacx, the Deva has optimal clamping, even on poor road surfaces. Yet the cage has also been constructed in such a way that placing the bottle into it is a simple and smooth action.

There are two versions: the Deva Carbon (21 grams) of 100% carbon and the regular Deva (29 grams) that is made of polyamide reinforced with carbon and glass fibre. The inner frame of the Deva is black, the outer frame is available in the colours white, silver grey, light blue, pink, green, blue, red and black.

  • Optimal clamping ensures safety
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Available in different colours
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