Epic MMA&Fitness
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刊登: Epic MMA&Fitness (epicmma) 聯絡人: office manager
聯絡電話: 25252833 (主)
地址: 11/F Onfem Tower, No.29 Wyndam Street, Central, Hong Kong
編號: 92034
日期: 2015-06-08
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Epic MMA Club opened its doors in March of 2012 driven by the belief that fitness and martial arts have the power to change lives.We wanted to create a community where like-minded enthusiasts could come together, share their passion for fitness, and develop as a family. We are here not only to promote various martial arts, strength and conditioning techniques, and fitness alternatives, but to ultimately promote a lifestyle of learning, self-awareness and sustainable health. We also provide fitness franchise. 

關鍵字: gym franchise