Invoxia AudiOffice-專為iPhone,iPad和iPod Touch而設
價格: $2,880
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日期: 2012-02-27
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Invoxia AudiOffice - 是專門為懂得享受音樂及對電話會議質素有要求的人仕而設計




An intelligent VoIP phone

Invoxia present you the first intelligent desktop phone that work seamlessly with Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Now you can make calls through a dedicated Invoxia application on iPod, iPhone and iPad.  Invoxia also offering you a VoIP line/mobile convergence tool; so that you can receive calls made to your mobile as well as calls to your office on the Invoxia phone. 

There are just two sensory buttons on the invoxia phone’s base: one for muting the mic, and the other to access your voice mail.  Just simply press the volume button, then you can answer any call in handsfree mode; whether it is coming from your mobile or desktop phone.

A phone with Acoustics

The Invoxia AudiOffice comes with an unique and innovative acoustic design.  So you can enjoy the full power of In Vivo Acoustic technology in handsfree mode, you can follow large conference calls at your leisure.

The handset's comfortable design and its high definition sound quality will make you enjoy the conversations and confrence calls at a pure pleasure.  In addition, you can listen to all your music, your musical apps, your radios or podcast with this unique sound quality!



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