Animal Communication 動物傳心術
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日期: 2014-01-16
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Animal Communication
With Animal Communication, the goal is to create a dialog between the communicator and the animal: to listen to what the animal has to say as well as sharing information with the animal. Communicators also often provide feedback to the animal's human companion about issues that may be going on. In other words, communication is about connecting with what is going on and then interpreting that information verbally. Animal communicators advocate for the animal, as well as giving support to the human companions by clarifying issues that are confusing or unknown (for example surrounding unknown behavior problems, the dying process, or lost animals). 
$300/ 30 minutes (4 questions only)

與動物溝通,目的是創建一個對話框,可與動物和主人之間互相溝通,聆聽動物想說的話,互相分享資訊。傳心術更可提供關於寵物的身、心、靈問題等資訊給主人。換而言之,通過傳心術,主人可以了解寵物的狀況。傳心術師會代替寵物發言,以及澄清混淆未知等問題 (例如寵物的行為問題﹑垂死的過程或寵物曾被丟失等問題), 以支持寵物主人。
$300/ 30分鐘 (四條問題)