EVENT BOXES 提供活動統籌、婚禮統籌、音響、舞台燈光
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潮聲活動製作有限公司(EVENT BOXES LIMITED)由一班專業團隊組成,團隊成員都具有豐富的活動策劃及統籌;舞台、燈光、音響、影像製作;音樂統籌:項目統籌;設計總監;公共關係等多年經驗。

     提供活動統籌、婚禮統籌、音響、舞台燈光、樂器租借、LIVE BAND、燈光音響、現場樂隊演奏、婚禮演奏、星級名人藝人司儀、週年晚宴晚會、公司春茗、會議、講座、展覽、頒獎典禮、商場表演活動、產品發佈會、開幕禮、舞台背幕、視頻系統、戶外舞台架、場地佈置、攝影拍攝、舞蹈……

      由於我們非常重視與客戶成為長期合作伙伴,所以我們於每次活動中,都會已 [ 細心、耐心、用心、貼心 ] 的理念,為我們每一位寶貴的客戶服務,逹到客戶的要求之同時令客戶擁有一個完美的活動。我們承諾務求將我們過往及未來的經驗以及極具創意設計的意念,為你 們訂造出一個只屬於自己的舞台。


  此外,為求滿足到不同客群的需要,我們除了提供於全面的活動製作外,並設有多元化單一服務,種類包括:音響、燈光、影像器材及工程服務;樂器租借;現場樂 隊 演奏;舞台背景設計及製作;攝影及影視服務;搭建戶外舞台架;場地佈置;藝人接洽;模特兒介紹;舞蹈表演;魔術表演;司儀;化妝;電子樂器維修等…


查詢:2660 6677 / 2660 6202


E-mail: info.eventboxeshk@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/eventboxes



EVENT BOXES LIMITED is led by a team of professionals. Each member of the team has great experiences in event planning, stage planning, lighting, video production, music co-ordination, project co-ordination, and designing.


No matter when, we always look forward to build up long term relationship with our clients. Our philosophies of a good event are based on these elements; be caring, be patient, and be creative. We believe with our experiences and talents, we are confident to provide an unique and fabulous stage of your own.

We have a comprehensive event production, including Event Planning, Wedding Planning, Enterprises Annual Dinner, Conference and Exhibition, Award Ceremony, Opening Ceremony, Mall Events, Outdoor Activities, Celebrations, Banquets, Birthday Parties, Theme / Private parties, Stereos and Musical Instruments Sponsorship.



Further more, in order to meet our clients' needs, we also provide a diversification of individual services, such as PA System, Sounding, Lighting, Video Equipment and Services, Musical Instruments Rental, Live Band Performance, Stage Designing, Site layout Decoration, Artist/Celebrities Introduction, Dance Show, Magic Show, MC, Make Up, and Electronic/Musical instrument Repair...et