Stuff Toys & Sundries Manufacturing Co.
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Jetway Import & Export Corporation (HK) Ltd.

Jetway Import & Export Corporation (Hong Kong) Ltd. Is a privately owned
company established in 2002. The company's mission is to produce plush toys of
innovative design and excellent quality at competitive price. Our major customers are
as following: Golden Bear, Wal-Mart, TRU and etc….

We have a sales and administration office in Hong Kong and our factory is located in
Jiangsu and Anhui, PRC. Its efficient and responsible management philosophy is
recognized by the award of certificate ISO9000: 2000 (The Quality Management
System) & ICTI certificate. Apart from having over 600 staff members, it is also fully
equipped with all modern facilities such as 300 sets of sewing machines, 5 units of
reliable metal detectors, a set of advanced stuffing machineries etc. Above all, our R
& D Team with the size of 50 staff is one of the areas we are proud of. Among them,
up to 10 experienced and imaginative designers are working very hard to develop,
from time to time, new designs to cope with the fast-changing market demands.