First step to become a spiritual person-Reiki 1
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靈氣証書課程 I (初學者適用) 


我們運用傳統方法及講師的個人經驗,授予學生靈氣,教導學生如何給予自己靈氣。靈氣不是只有少數人才懂的玩意,而是許多人遺忘了的自然能力,它等待著您回來開墾。學生在上靈氣課堂和接受attunements 一星期前,請參閱「靈氣attunement準備資訊表」。

Reiki 1 Certification Course 

This elementary course provides a crucial foundation for anyone who is interested in the studies of energy andnatural healing
In Reiki 1 class, we explore the concept of Reiki healing and energy from the universe. Through discovering the natural power of universal energy, students will begin to explore every element in the universe, including ourselves. Then, students get to know how energy heals their bodies. In fact, this is “Reiki”. 

We use both traditional method and our personal experience when passing Reiki to students and teaching them how to do self Reiki on their own. Reiki is not just for a few chosen ones. It is a natural energy that many people have long forgotten. It is waiting for your calling. Please read “Preparation Guidelines on Reiki Attunement” a week before the Reiki 1 class and attunements take place.