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We are a giftware manufacturer specialize in personal seal, sealing wax, leatherware and classical stationeries. We entered the market as an OEM manufacturer in 1997. After a few years, we set up our R&D department, starting to launch our own proprietory products under the brandname of "Le-Seal" and accept ODM orders from merchandiser from all over the world. Now our brandname products are displayed on the shelf of prominant retailing outlets in Europe, United States and a lot of countries.    

We have launched our online shop : http://www.lesealgiftware.com/ Welcome to visit our shop for purchasing the unique luxury gifts ~  

We also have a virtual showcase http://www.le-seal.com/ for showing all our self-designed products to the world. We welcome all orders, including OEM, ODM or simply a purchase order of our own brandname products from every countries. We welcome you to visit our website anytime as we will keep updating the website once we have new products launched.

Meanwhile, if you have any interest to develop any products, we are much appreciated if you can send us the information for further discussion. Thanks!!