Accounting tutorials (all levels)
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Accounting Tutorial all levels

 (including University students)  

 Private Tutor


 * I am a professional private tutor who holds academics, professional accountancy qualifications and experiences in accounting is providing tutorials on accounting subjects.

Tutorial Content:

 * Basic Accounting, Financial Accounting, Corporate Reporting, Management Accounting, Cost Accounting, BAFS and etc...

Accounting students:

 * Providing tutorial to those students in all levels who are currently studying subjects relating accounting.

Tutor’s qualification:

* Holding postgraduate professional accounting (Master's degree)

 * Certified Public Accountant (ACCA).

Tutor’s experience:

* Having not only tutoring experiences in accounting subjects for years, but also tutoring experiences in higher institutions.


Medium of Language:

* English / Mandarin / Cantonese 



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