GCE (IAL) Accounting Tutor
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GCE (IAL) Accounting Tutorial

Tuition provides tutorial services with experienced tutor for students who requiring development of knowledge and understanding of accounting purposes, concepts and techniques, and the ability to compile accounting reports and use them to make informed and rational decisions.

Tuition works closely with students to make sure their learning is current and has also met the requirements of accounting knowledge. Therefore, students will be ready to suit the needs of further education.

Students who successfully follow this qualification will have a good knowledge and understanding of the principles, concepts and techniques of accounting. This qualification lays a secure foundation for further study of accounting or related subjects. 

The aims of the International Advanced Level qualifications in Accounting are to enable students to develop: 

·       a knowledge and understanding of the purposes of accounting, of accounting

concepts and techniques and to develop the application of those techniques 

·       the skills of numeracy, communication, presentation, analysis and evaluation

of accounting information 

·       the ability to compile accounting reports in good format and to use them as

the basis of informed and rational decision-making 

·       a capacity for logical and objective thought which will serve as an end in its

own right, as well as a basis for further study in accounting. 

The syllabus covers Unit1 the Accounting System; Costing & Unit2 Corporate and Management Accounting

Tutoring experience and professional qualifications

The tutor holds a Master Degree in accounting from a recognized local university and has professional accountancy membership. The tutor having tutoring experience and working in accounting area for years can provide quality of tutorials.


For enquiry, please send me email at subjectspass@gmail.com