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Professional Economics Tutorial ServiceHttp://www.econ.com.hk

Group Tutorial Class (3-7 Person per class)
Interactive tutorial class which balance the benefit of individual tutorial with the cost saving of a big class. We offer intensive UK Alevel class every UK Hoilday ( Easter / Christmas / Summer ). Regular class for HK IGCSE and IB wil start from every September.

Individual Tutorial Service (Centre // Onsite)
Tailor made one to one tutorial service, you are welcome to visit our education centre which near the Central districit for service. We also offer onsite tutorial service which directly come to your home for service (depends on location).



Individiual Tutition Fee
一對一補習 服務收費 (上門每課 最少2小時 / 上環教學中心每課最少 1.5小時)
 (Minimum 1.5 hrs per Lesson in Centre / 2 hrs per On-site Service )
On-site tutorial service would have subcharge depends on location ( Contact for detail )

Hour rate per person (HKD)
UK GCE ALEVEL (Edexcel / AQA / OCR )
IGCSE (Edexcel / CIE)
IB(Higher / Standard Level)


Tutorial Center Location:
Flat E 14/F Wing Kit Street Shing Hing Commerccial Building, Sheung Wan
上環永吉街21-27號誠興商業大廈14/F UNIT E Back to top

TEL : 97905070 Email : econbrianhk@gmail.com


Contact Brian

• Email: econbrianhk@gmail.com
•TEL: 97905070

- Please feel free to contact me by the hotline directly during Monday to Sunday 9am to 9pm (Hong Kong Time)
(London Time 8:00am to 3:00pm )

- Oversea students are welcome to provide me your MSN or Skype details in email for contact.
About Brian Wong

- Professional Full time
Economics tutor
- Graduate from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Major in Economics
-Post Graduate Dip Pro. Accounting, POLYU



Students come from all over HK and UK including famous school like:
North London Collegiate school, London, UK [UK Top 5 Private School -Edexcel Exam Board]
Peter Symond
s, Wincester,  UK [ UK Top 5 Public School - AQA Exam Board]
Roedeam School, UK [Famous girls school, AQA Exam Board]
City of London freemens' school, London, UK [UK Top 100, Private - AQA Exam Board]
South Island International [IGCSE/IB]
West Island International [IGCSE/IB]
King George V [HK IB]
Candian Internation School [HK-IB ]

Expert in Economics tutorial Service
  c 2011 Brian Wong. All rights reserved

Welcome to Easybrian Economics Tutorial 專業經濟科補習
Expert for IGCSE Economics / GCE Economics / IB Economics Tutorial
Expert for HKDSE

 Brian Wong, Expert in Economics Tutorial Service

畢業於中文大學經濟學系, 少數有經驗教授香港,英國及澳洲課程的國際級經濟科補習專家.
學生來自各大名校,國際學校,英國著名中學.  提供專業的國際課程 IGCSE / GCE / IB補習服務

2011 UK GCE Alevel Christmas Intensive Economics group class is now open for booking(refer to the bottom of the webpage)!

Service Hotline: 97905070 Email: Econbrianhk@gmail.com

Photo of my (Knowledge 4U) GCE Economics tutorial Class

HKDSE/ IGCSE / IB 逢星期六的補習班首堂課$100試學優惠,可隨時加入, 額滿即止,快點致電留位啦!
(以上優惠只限星期六之補習班,常規課程1個月一般有4堂課, 優惠不包括私人補習及其他課程)

Tutorial Center Location:
Flat E 14/F Wing Kit Street Shing Hing Commerccial Building, Sheung Wan
上環永吉街21-27號誠興商業大廈14/F UNIT E


TEL : 97905070 Email : econbrianhk@gmail.com


1) UK GCE Economics   [Edexcel / AQA  /OCR Exam Board] 英國高考經濟 GCE ALEVEL ECONOMICS Interactive Small Class (Max 7 Person) Back to top

New Proposed Class in Christmas Class for UK Students
(20-31) DEC 2011 During the Xmas Edexcel Economics Unit1 Intensive Class 18hrs, $4600
DEC 2011 AQA Economics Unit1 Intensive Class 18hrs, $4600
DEC 2011 Edexcel Economics Unit3 Intensive Class, 18hrs, $4600
DEC 2011 AQA Economics Unit3 Intensive Class, 18hrs, $4600

I am one of the leading teacher for providing UK GCE Alevel service in HK. In 2011, dozens of students from South London to York joined Brian 's intensive class (AQA and Edexcel) or private tutorial groups. Rich teaching experience helps me understand the weakness of the students, provide them excellent training for the GCE exam preparation.

專業的英國高考經濟科補習班, 學生遍佈英國各大著名學校, 是香港其中一位最專業及受歡迎的英國留學生補習導師.
學生在英國假期回港期間逵行有效率的補習, 解釋經濟科考核必須掌握好的理論部份, 分析題目重點及答題技巧, 課堂上即時教授處理方法,及分析每位學生的答題, 提供改善建議.
基礎較強的學生能更掌握考核重點,提升溫習效率, 較弱者則能更清理不明白的概念, 了解真實考核要求, 提升GCE ALEVEL的考試表現.

Many of my students get offers from Top10 Universities like Warwick, LSE, Durham. Some of them already joined famous school like LSE Economics.

Student Achievement in 2011, e.g.
Many of them obtain an A grade,
Student Oscar obtain 98/100 in the Unit 1 Economics Exam
Student Leon obtain 100/100 in Unit2 Exam

Self Study Student Hong Kong Local School Student ( 香港自修學生 ) also have excellent result, e.g.
Self Study Student Kain obtain 93/100 in Unit2 Exam
Self Study Student Mak obtain 90/100 in Unit1 Exam

過去一年我的英國留學生們獲取相當不錯的成績, 英國高考的假期考試班支持了很多在英國應試的考生. 很多學生在2011年最新的暑假放榜中獲得非常優異成績,單是EDEXCEL UNIT1 就有3個學生獲得90/100以上成績,有學生更在單一試卷中獲得滿分成績, 有香港本地自修GCE學生亦能在多份試卷中獲得A級成績, 令我非常鼓舞.

Brian Wong provide professional Tutorial Service for UK GCE Alevel Exam
My students come from Public and Private Schools ALL OVER THEUK!

For Example:

North London Collegiate school, London,
UK [UK Top 5 Day School -Edexcel Exam Board]
Peter Symond
s, Wincester,  UK [ UK Top 5 GOV School - AQA Exam Board]
Clifton College, Bristol, UK [Boarding - AQA Exam Board]
King 's School, Canterbury, UK [Over 1500 yrs history, Boarding - Edexcel Exam Board]
Bosworth Independent College, Northampton, UK  [Boarding - Edexcel Exam Board ]
St. Marry 's Cambridge, Cambridge  UK [UK Top100, Boarding-AQA Exam Board]
Dauntsey 's school, Wiltshire UK [Boarding-Edexcel Exam Board]
Queenswood School, Hertfordshire, UK [UK Top 100, Boarding- Edexcel Exam Board]
IPSWICH school, UK [ UK Top 50 Boarding- AQA Exam Board ]
Harrogate Ladies College, York,UK [ Boarding AQA Exam Board]
Roedeam School, UK [Famous girls school, AQA Exam Board]
City of London freemens' school, London, UK [UK Top 100, Boarding - AQA Exam Board]

- My teaching course is tailor made for my UK students, I also welcome for Local Students who are interested in taking UK GCE Alevel Exam

- Lesson will be hold on all major UK holidays Summer, Christmas, Easter

- Teaching will focus on exam skills with concept illustration, I will teach student how to illstrate a full mark explaination for marking point, e.g.
.. government failure / time lag / Golden rule / Mulitpler effects

  Teaching is also tailor to different exam boards including Edexcel / AQA, Example

Edexcel AS Edexcel UNIT 1 will focus on M.C. (4Marks Each) skills plus short to medium question (Max 14 Marks)
AQA AS AQA UNIT 1 will focus on the 25 M.C. make sure you could get >85% accuracy 
The 25 marks long question (related to market failure and externality, use mind map)

- UK 's GCE focus on evaluation type question which is totally different from HKDSE 's point form marking scheme, many Hong Kong student who do not
..pervious UK type exam experience like IGCSE will find it more difficult to handle. I will using many public exam example to teach my students, build up their confident to handle such question

- I am glad that many of my students have significant improvement. In 2010 June 's GCE exam, one of my student get A* in re-sit of Unit2 which her first attempt for Unit2 was only C.  Many student have grade improvement and obtain good results. I am glad that all the UK students who joined my 2010 Christmas GCE Economics class come back at Easter 2011, they invited many friends to join my Easter class too! Many of my students got offers from Top UK Universities like LSE Economics, Warwick Law.The support form my student encourage me to keep on improving and providing exceptional tutorial service on UK GCE Exam.

-Whether you could obtain an good result or not depends on your learning style. Memorizing is never sufficient for an "A" in GCE Exam. You must have in-depth knowledge about the theories or issues and how they works. Then you could use your own knowledge, no your memorizing data, to evaluate the question, provide excellent answer like using the concept of PED, short-long run scenarios analysis.

 專業的英國CEC A-LEVEL (EDEXCEL / AQA )補習,  豐富的考試班教學經驗, 協助各位留學英國學生, 提升考試成績,考入理想大學. Back to top

2) IB Tutorial Service

IB Tutorial Class Service Interactive Small Class (Max 7 Person)

Date Start Timing Class Fee
10/SEP/2011 Saturday 10:00am - 11:30 am for HL & SL
(11:30-12:00 extra session for HL)

Higher Level &Standard Level

$1600 / 4 Lessons

Most of the international schools in HK offer IB diploma program. IB Economics have Standard level and Higher Level. The difficulty of IB Higher level is similar to UK GCE.
The exam is more traditional and focus more on theory than application. Many mark scheme changed to MUST rather than may,you must handle the exam question with skills to obtain full marks.
After 2012, the new IB exam would add more mathematics in the Higher Level paper 3 exam, the coverage of paper1 and paper2 would change two, we must notice the change of the exam format in the coming exam.Our tutorial service would provide more mathematics practice to handle the question better.

IB Students need to take the exam in their final year. This is not a easy task for many students.
Student also need to conduct a 4 internal assessment for around 650-750 words. I would provide guidance for how to handle the economics essay.
We must select some topics would could easily apply economics concepts with in-depth evaluation to optain a good grade.

The textbook is two thick and the study guide could not perfectly solve the exam questions. I would teach student what are the the main knowledge of the topic and move on to the exam question handling.
I would not just give my student what should answer in the question, but how to solve a similar question with detail method.
Each lesson I would recommend my student to drop down new notes in a systematic way to solid what they have learn.

Successful case:
One IB student come to me in middle 2011, she only get 4 in her economics subject, she already lost her confidence in economics. We focus on the coming assessment and using systematic approach for teaching, after a few month 's study, she get a 6 mark out of 7 in her yearend assessment.

My International School Students come from famous schools all over HK

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3) 香港2012 HKDSE 新高中經濟 Interactive Small Class (Max 7 Person)

Date Start Timing Class Fee
10/SEP/2011 Saturday 6:30-8:00pm F6 (Final Year) $880 / 4 Lessons


St. Paul 's Co-Ed (HKDSE)   聖保羅男女 - F.6.同學多往英國升讀
t. Paul 's Convent (Local HKDSE + IGCSE +GCE) 聖保祿 - 學校提供IGCSE課程方便同學出國, 2010年IGCSE拔尖大豐收
La Salle College (Local HKDSE)  - 喇沙中學 - 校內考試卷別有風格
Belilious Public School
(Local HKDSE) - 庇理羅士女子中學 - 老師對圖像解釋甚有心得
Heep Yunn School (Local HKDSE) - 協恩中學 - 2010開始鼓勵IGCSE作教學
Pui Ching Middle School (Local HKDSE) -
培正中學 - 同學仔的自學文化比較強

 當然還有各大英中中中, 好像沙田官立, 藍田聖保祿,etc

- 學生有不同水平的, 能因材施教. 好像有學生是ST. PAUL的文科狀元, 會考30分. 當然亦有,要補底的學生.

- 教學參考國際課程及外國大學的教學方式, 集各方所長. 豐富的教學經驗令我明白學生的弱項, 及考核要點,教學事半功倍.

新高中,看似沒有試題可參考,是第一屆,其實不用太擔心. 考試局出了各種考試指引,參照,其實會考課程改動部份很少, 正如不少日校老師說過是一個30%AL,70%CE 的考試.當然加了少量新元素,好似Gini coefficient等. 要考好,其實不難,掌握課程重點,練好舊有試題, 做好新式試題的練習.

英國的高考GCE也是2008年改制,6個UNIT轉成4UNIT. 我的學生不少考第一屆, 也獲得好成績. 根本,課程沒有根本性的改動, 新元素是有, 但不成為任何須要擔心的因素, 要記住, 當所有考生也是第一次考時, 擁有最充足訓練的, 將擁有絕對優勢. Back to top


4) UK IGCSE Economics (Edexcel / CIE)

IGCSE Edexcel Economics Tutorial Interactive Small Class (Max 7 Person)

Date Start Timing Class Fee
10/SEP/2011 Saturday 5:00pm - 6:30pm  EDEXCEL IGCSE $1600 / 4 Lessons

UK IGCSE Economics 英國會考經濟科

- 專業的IGCSE補習, 包括有每堂獨特的STUDENT NOTES 教學法, 學生每課學習重點均有自己記錄NOTES作複習.

-專業的教材, 由英國訂來的各種專業補習教材, 集各家之所長.
-Assessment Base, 確定學生達至考核要求, 因應能力漸進完成所有TOPIC,
-不只有高質素的教學INPUT, 還能確定學生的OUTPUT, 學習效果比傳統補習班更確定.


- 不少香港的著名中學好像聖保羅女校及國際學校都有開辦IGCSE的英國會考程度課程.
-考試形式主要分為2H及3兩份卷. 2011開始會改為SINGLE PAPER.

-聽學生說2010年6月7日的IGCSE 2H (EDEXCEL)考試,不少本地考生都面黑黑的走出考試場. 問題是他們以為用會考的方法可以應付. Trading Bloc, Supply Side Policy,等全都是香港沒有的concept. 和會考的Over-lap不足50%.

- IGCSE 比香港的新高中(HKDSE)易,不過考核形式則大大不同. 英國注重於Data Response,而且取分技巧相當不同. 本地學生TRAINING會集中在開放式題型處理, 助各位同學獲取佳跡.

要應付IGCSE, 你需要對英國經濟課程有專業能力的補習服務. Back to top

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