8A1B 中大精算生
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日期: 2011-05-02
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本人就讀中大保險, 財務與精算系四年級, 中學畢業於瑪利諾修院學校, 會考取得8A1B成績 (中文,數學,附加數,物理,化學,生物,地理,宗教獲A級成績,英文獲B級成績), 中六於英國留學, 英國AS/AL5A成績. IELTS 總分8. 替小學及中學學生(本地及國際學校)補習數學、理科及英文等科目已有三年經驗. 有耐性, 充滿教學熱誠. 歡迎短期(暑期/臨近考試)或常規補習. 聯絡電話: 94469253 (Teresa Ho).


I’m a Year 4 student of the Insurance, Financial and Actuarial Analysis. I graduated from Maryknoll Convent School, and I obtained 8As and 1B in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination(HKCEE). I got an A in Chinese, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Religious Studies and Geography, B in English. Then I went to the UK for my Form 6 studies, and I obtained 5As in the AS/AL. I also took the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam and got 8 out of 9. I have tutored both primary and secondary school students (local and international schools) for almost 3 years, and I have experience in teaching Mathematics, Science subjects as well as English. Also, I am very enthusiastic and patient in teaching. Please contact Teresa Ho at 94469253 for further information.