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Business Finance (商業財務)

Business Finance (商業財務):

The tutorial enables you to relate principles and practice to the financing decisions of organization in business environment. It analyses the decisions companies make about financing their investments with cost of capital. 


Tutorial 教學課程

- Investment appraisal



- PI

- Cost of capital


- Business valuations

- Mergers and acquisitions

- Working capital management

- Sources of finance

- Dividend policy


- Stock valuation

- Bond valuation

- Portfolios

- Options


Contact us (聯絡我們)

Telephone (電話): (852) 5125  2772

WhatsApp: (852) 5125  2772



Tutorial opening hours (補習時間):

10am - 9pm from Monday to Friday

10am - 7pm from Saturday to Sunday

Closed on Public holidays


Address (地址):

New  Trend  Centre, 704  Prince  Edward  Road  East,

 Kowloon,  Hong Kong.