Financial Management Tutorial
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Financial Management Tutorials


The purpose of the corporate finance tutorial is to learn how companies manage their finances.  In the tutorials students will understand the main issues in corporate finance for the exam. The tutorial enables you to relate principles and practice to the financing decisions of organization in business environment. It analyses the decisions companies make about financing their investments with cost of capital.

Tutor’s experience and qualifications

I am a professional full-time financial management tutor in Hong Kong and a fully qualified professional accountant. I hold a master degree in accounting.  I use a pragmatic approach to helping students understand in the subject of financial management and achieve the best results possible.  I know the skills required to fast-track students to exam success possible.

Having tutored for several years, I am familiar with corporate finance for all levels of students coming from diploma to university level.

Topics for tutorials

 Tutor for Corporate Finance may assist students with understanding corporate in various ways.

  •          Share Price Valuation
  •          Bond Price Valuation
  •          Capital Market Line
  •          Business Finance
  •          Working Capital Management
  •          Business Valuation
  •          Risk Management
  •          Options
  •          Etc…