English and Math Teacher
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An overseas born Chinese, raised in Canada in both East and West Coasts.  I lived in New York City for a period.
I can teach English in either British or American accents, or in both. 

I am capable to teach any sincere students in all levels.  As a Chinese backgrounded tutor, 
I know the mistakes all non-english speakers would make.  I will guide you to the next level
of English in the shortest time possible.

Rewarding with outstanding results from students is always my personal goal.  Learning is not exclusively from books but also from experiences and understanding.  Is learning a new language easy?  It involves both your own passion and time. Many might have expressed to me that picking up English is not as easy as they thought.  Indeed, once you get it along well and practice more by talking are the real keys.  Never does any of my students give up their targets.  Observing and reading are also your good pals in learning English.  I am your guidance.  Believe in yourself. 

$220 for 1.5 hrs

Tel: 9654-6268