Focusing For Generative Thinking - TAE Module 1&2
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Did you know you can learn to access your body’s consciousness in a way that activates links with every aspect of your life...past, present, and even your right next forward step?


Nada Lou, Certifying Coordinator 

Nada is well known throughout the Focusing world for her double specialty in teaching Focusing and Thinking at the Edge (TAE). Nada is a Focusing Institute Certifying Coordinator who trains those wishing to teach either Focusing or TAE. She has co-presented several TAE workshops with Dr. Gendlin and is in the forefront of spreading this new practice around the world. Nada has given many Focusing and TAE Levels Workshops in her home country of Canada, as well as internationally including Australia, US, Europe, Hong Kong, New Zealand and South America.


Focusing For Generative Thinking – TAE MODULE ONE

(April 9-10, 2Day)By NADA LOU  

Focusing for Generative Thinking is a practice for thinking freshly about what you know....but cannot yet articulate … what you really mean. In a step-by-step process you will learn how to say more and how to use this language as building blocks for your developing projects. Then your new projects can be put into the world with clarity, confidence and success.

The skills from this workshop can be used in many different areas of life: personal development, business meetings, professional proposals, creative writing, family interaction, public speaking, educational events, negotiation skills, mediation, and in endless other ways.


Program Objective:

  •   Familiarize participants with benefits of Focusing and Thinking methods.
  •   Apply felt sensing experientially into personal creative aptitudes.
  •   Learn how to use Thinking and Communicating building blocks (method) as Life Skills.


In this course you will learn:

  •   To identify what your heart is calling you to do
  •   To design and launch your project
  •   How to find what inspires you and how to give life to your projects.
  •   How to think and use language that is authentic expression of your meaning
  •   How to write for yourself and how to write for the public
  •   How to use these tools in your work, business, therapy, teaching practices
  •   How to get started and keep going


Focusing For Generative Thinking – TAE Module 2

(Mar 8-9th, 2015- 2Day) By NADA LOU


Module One and Module One Practicum

Program Objective:

Discovering personal life patterns enable you to expand untapped distinctive meaning into productivity


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