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日期: 2019-05-21
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有興趣人士,請聯繫方式以及Portfolio,電郵:Katri.ltd@gmail.com,或電話:6932 5300 Raymond Wong


A local person who are full of interior design experiences, want to share his experience with those interested in entering interior design.

After my own short-term training,you can achieve a certain level of interior designer, and use of the Sketchup、Vray、Autocad、Photoshop's knowledge required by interior designers correctly、quickly.

Then, You have the opportunity to enter the industry and assume the duties, which monthly income 40~50K and above.

Of course, I will ask you to have some basic art. For a minimum of one month, I will let you comfortably use the above software. 

And Then, After my test, I will teach you how to deal with the interview, and help you prepare the 

Portfolio for Interviewer

Make you show that you are an Experienced Old Interior Designer in the presence of others people, not a beginner.

The way of teaching can be private or group.

Interested person please send your contact telephone number and Portfolio to the Raymond Wong by e-mail Katri.ltd@gmail.com or 6932 5300.