Native Speaking English Teacher (外國老師教授英語)
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Native Speaking English Teacher (外國老師教授英語)

Provide Home Tutoring (可上門授教)


Hello Everyone:

I am a Native English speaking Canadian living in Hong Kong for the past twenty years.  I am also a fluent speaker in Cantonese and Putonghua.  Tutorials are customized in accordance to the student's areas of weaknesses and skill levels of the English language. An interactive approach will be used to enhance the student's overall abilities in areas such as grammars, speaking, expression, translation and pronunciation.   Please contact me for more details if you or your family members wish to improve the usage of English with confidence.


我是從加拿大來的英語教師。英語上課是利用活學活用的模式;以溝通,會話和主題討論來提高學生的興趣。傱互動教學的方法,學生和小孩子也會在英語語法,用詞表達,翻譯和發音方面得到更有效的成果。可選擇 "私人個別上課" "小班教學形式上課".

Native English speaking instructor with over 10 years teaching experiences. Canadian University Finance graduate. Fluency in both Cantonese and Putonghua to further enhance the students’ overall learning effectiveness. Provide home and small-group tutoring.

擁有十年輔導經驗的外籍老師提供英語輔導, 加拿大大學商科畢業;懂得流利廣東和普通話。可上門授教.

 Instructional coverage includes:  Early Childhood Development Program; Oral & Listening; School Promotional Interview Preparations; Resume & Job Interview Preparations and Professional Business English.


 An Interactive approach will be used to enhance the students’ overall abilities in areas such as writing, speaking and pronunciation.



Mobile Phone:     9638-8009