1-on-1 Skype Chinese (Mandarin) Learning Workshop
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1-on-1 Skype Chinese (Mandarin) Learning Workshop (FREE) 

Date: 21 Sep (Sat)
Time: 10am to 12pm 
Venue: 1103 Boss Commercial Centre 28 Ferry Street Kowloon Hong Kong. 

Registration: support@e-Putonghua.com
(1) Please write "Apply to Free Seminar on 21 Sep"
(2) Your name 
(3) Number of attendant
(4) Mobile
(5) Email 

(1) e-Book (Short Term Intensive Course Before Going to Work in China Lesson 1 ~ Lesson 15 for attendants
(2) Free to support for Skype registration 

Contact at: (852)2332-0802, (86) 10-5846-9332 or WhatsApp(852) 9028-5234.

Website: www.e-Putonghua.com
facebook Page: www.facebook.com/eputonghuacom