Professional Mandarin Chinese Teacher
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日期: 2013-06-15
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Professional Mandarin Chinese Teacher (National Putonghua Proficiency Test: Grade 1,the highest level) 

I am Teacher Elvis , a native Mandarin speaker. I was born in mainland China and educated in mainland. I have the qualification certificate of National Putonghua Proficiency Test Grade One (the highest level,the qualification of teaching Mandarin and Announcer of Chinese authoritative radio station ).I have the professional teaching skills and rich experience on educating Mandarin.A lot of students who come from all over the world are taught by me.

I will teach the Mandarin by fun and easy way so you can easily learn the standard Putonghua.I will design a course and customise course materials to suit your particular and professional needs.Therefore,you can improve your skills of Chinese quickly .

I can offer lessons for different level students, either children or adults. I am easy-going, patient and responsible.Moreover,the fee will be favourable so that it can attract different people to join and I can gain more various experience.You are most welcome to contact me.

About the Mandarin Chinese Courses

Course Target:Everyone ,from all over the world ,both children and adults.

Course Content :Mandarin phonics(Pinyin),Chinese characters,Chinese poetry,Mandarin Grammar and
Writing ,Daily conversation, Career Mandarin or Business Mandarin ,Mandarin Test training etc.

Teaching Material:Customised Course Materials to meet your personal and professional needs

Course Format :Private (one to one),Small groups, Corporate training.

Course Time:From Monday to Sunday,You can choose the time you want.

Venues:Flexibility in learning venues.

Teaching Language:Mandarin , English or Cantonese.

Course Fee:HK$ 200 per-hour (up)




               If you want to get further details, please feel free to contact me.


TEL & WhatsApp:62391593(Teacher Elvis)