Experienced Certified Native English Teacher
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日期: 2020-04-06
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Berlin English Consultancy will appoint you an experienced Cambridge Certified teacher that will create a specific lesson program just for you so that you will only learn what you need and want. All of our teachers and friendly, patient and most importantly, your English will improve with our help.



1.      Online 1-to-1 OR group / class lessons

Improve your:

Grammar                    Speaking                     Pronunciation

Vocabulary                   Listening                      Reading


2.      Proofreading and Editing:

CV / Resumes              Cover Letters              Academic Essays

Speeches                    Application Forms       PowerPoint Presentations


Manuscripts                Screenplays                Letters


3.      Exam preparations: 

 IELTS                          FCE                            CAE                             CPE



HKS 295        1.5-hours

HKS 335        2-hours         


So please email us for a free online meeting to discuss how we can improve your English.