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辦學理念 Philosophy



教育碩士/榮譽音樂文學士 (演奏及教學法)/香港國際音樂學校鋼琴導師/ 獲頒「傑出鋼琴導師」/ WunderKeys 鋼琴啟蒙課程註冊導師



Being a music educator for sixteen years, Carol Ng has been thriving at providing an intellectually challenging environment to encourage musical development of students. Students are consistently free to explore and enhance their natural abilities, and to develop their talents to their fullest potential. Young musicians and parents, in addition, are encouraged to share their knowledge and be supportive to each other.

  It is Carol’s conviction that the only way to judge a music teacher is by the caliber of students. Hence, the primary process of achieving quality is by bringing out the best, both musically and personally, in each student, thorough care, respect and support. In this sense, students are educated to the highest standards based on the best possible professional practice. The balanced curriculum focusing on development of whole person requires students to develop a wide range of skills, including writing, socializing and performance.

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it. (Proverbs 22:6)

MEd., BA(Hon) in Music (Performance/Pedagogy), Piano Instructor of Hong Kong International Institute of Music , Recipient of “Teacher’s Award” , Licensed Teacher of WunderKeys Piano for Preschoolers

Wunderkeys™ 鋼琴啟蒙課程 (3-5歲)
A head start in music, math, and life 

小寶寶第一次上音樂課的經歷,對往後的愉快學習極為重要,因此WunderKeys™ 的設計,完全體貼學前兒童獨有的成長需要,讓每位小寶寶都能夠愉快完成第一次音樂堂。

WunderKeys™ 鋼琴啟蒙課程由課程註冊導師親自教授,內容全面,小寶寶上課時都能夠專注、投入及快樂地,完成五項獨特訓練活動,奠下重要的鋼琴及音樂基礎,順利過渡到主流鋼琴教案。即使完全沒有學習過音樂或鋼琴的初學者,在完成WunderKeys™ 後都能夠掌握鍵盤概念和節奏,並能雙手演奏出簡單樂曲。



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