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American Math English 成立於2012年,是一間啟發學童數學及編程潛能的教育中心,並開辦由K1 至 初中課程。 AME於2016年引進美國 NGSS 標準編寫的 Kids Coding 課程,透過各種編程遊戲、奇趣機械 及 編寫手機 Apps,讓小朋友能輕鬆達到「掌握科技,擁有未來」。今年更帶來 NASA (美國太空總署) 認證教材,讓小朋友體驗獨一無二的星空任務。   快速以 whatsapp 查詢:   Founded in 2012, American Math English endeavours to unleash studentsʼ (From K1 to junior high) potential and nurture their passion for Math and STEM in a cheerful and engaging learning environment. Based on “The Next Generation Science Standards” (NGSS) developed in the U.S., our STEM course aims to develop learnersʼ computational thinking through programming games, coding robots, making apps etc., enabling them to “walk with technology towards the light of future”  

AME是全港唯一以英語編寫奧數課程的教育中心,又針對3-6歲小朋友﹐開發透過數學遊戲啟發小朋友數學潛能 的Active Math Player,在遊戲中學習數學的原理及邏輯概念。為提升英語學習興趣,AME推出 Play English,一個以桌上遊戲學習英語的獨家課程,透過細味背景故事,小心聆聽遊戲規則,小朋友更需要以全英語在遊戲後作出報告,全面提升小朋友聽說讀能力。
AME 現設有5個教學中心,及兩所專門店,遍佈中國、香港、九龍及新界。


As the ONLY centre in Hong Kong that offers Olympic Math in English, our Active Math Player program is specially designed for children from three to six, where math concepts and logical thinking are learnt through playing games. Within two years, AME has expanded its line of service into two specialty stores, and five education centres, spreading over Hong Kong and China.

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