University of Derby UK Top Up Final Year
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University of Derby UK (英國德比大學)


Final Year Degree (Year 3 Entry)

-  BSc (Hons) Business and Management

-  BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance

-  BA (Hons) International Hospitality Business Management

-  BSc (Hons) Computing and Information Technologies

-  BSc (Hons) Management Accounting


You will be awarded the following qualifications:-

- Degree awarded by University of Derby UK

- Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership by Chartered Management Institute UK

  (applicable for the graduate of BSc (Hons) Business and Management)

- 6 modules

- 10-12 month online learning

- Assignment Only


Recognized by:

-       Association of Business Executives UK

-       Association of Chartered Certified Accountants UK

-       Chartered Management Institute UK

-       Institute of Hospitality UK

-       Institute of Financial Accountants UK

-       Institute of Public Accountants Australia

-       British Computer Society UK

-       Chartered Institute of Management Accountants UK


HND or any recognized Certificate, Diploma, Professional Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Associate Degree, Higher Certificate, Higher Diploma, or professional qualification will be eligible to entry for Top Up Final Year.


If you do not have the above qualification, you may consider an Advanced Diploma at Level 6 of Australian Qualification Framework, by“Recognition of Prior Learning”, based on your portfolio of gained qualification and working experience.



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