Remote Control Motorized Roller Blind
價格: $850
聯絡電話: 2426 9632 (主)
地址: 葵涌 昌榮路 9-11號 同珍大廈 第一期 21字樓 C 室
編號: 1066
日期: 2011-04-11
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踏入 21世紀,人們對優質的家居生活更為重視,消費者希望能付出合理價格,而可擁有優質,提高生活品味及生活享受的產品.


本產品具有安全,優質,價格便宜.兼且容易安裝的特點. 無需專業人員也可安裝.只需按照說明書上的指示,配合簡單工具便可安裝.


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Our products are designed and developed for home improvement under DIY concept. Customers can install the products according to manual instruction easily, it is not necessary to find an expert for the installation.

Compare with similar products in the market, our price is much lower than others but also has safety, reliable and good quality.