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Gaia Environmental Service (Hong Kong)


With reference to the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, our services are based on the pest biology and appropriate medication to achieve the safety and environmental friendly instead of using the traditional excessive spraying method. It also helps to reduce and prevent future pest intrusion and damage to your property.



Our Team


Our surveyors and technicians are required to have completed trainings for both pest knowledge and pest management, which helps to strengthen their ability to decide the most effective treatment method in different situations and problems.



Professional Service


Our technicians are dressed in neat uniforms and equipped with sufficient equipment for conducting different treatments. They are willing to answer your queries and make you understand about the procedure and effectiveness of our treatment.



Appropriate medication


As we concern the safety and the environment, all pesticide we use are approved by Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD). By combining the knowledge of controlling some environmental factors, we aim to use this modern approach to replace the traditional excessive spraying method.



Flexible time schedule


Most of Hong Kong families are busy and need to work during the office hours. Pest Control can only be conducted during the night time or weekends. In order to fulfill these market needs, we step forward and provide night and weekend treatments for these customers with a reasonable price.


Pest Control Service


By comparing the surrounding environment, your needs and the breeding cycle of the pest, Gaia’s professional technicians develop an effective and comprehensive pest management plan by using spraying, baiting or monitoring stations during the treatment.



Termite treatment and prevention


With regard to the annoying termite problem, Gaia’s surveyors will conduct site inspections to your apartments/offices to decide the best liquid or baiting  treatment method by analyzing the building structure and the termite infestion. 


It is strongly recommended to conduct concrete spraying treatments by using liquid termiticide during the renovation period. A tailor made treatment procedure and schedule will be offered after a thorough discussion with you and contractors to meet the progress of the renovation



Rodent Control


Rodents bring tons of problems to human because of its characteristics and the living environment. Unlike other general pests, they are very clever and always make you feel annoying. Therefore, Gaia’s technicians will critically observe the surrounding environment and structure and use bait stations, snap traps and glue traps to conduct the treatment. We will also inform clients to seal the entry point for rodents if found any in order to build up a physical barrier.



Mosquito Control


Mosquitos always creates severe problems to our daily lives. Their bites can make you feel itchy and can spread the Dengue fever and Japanese encephalitis. By studying their breeding cycle and surrounding environment, we develop a program by spraying the adults and using larvicide to kill the larvae in order to control the infestation.



Wasp Nest Removal


Wasps and their nest are very common to be seen in urban residential areas. Since they are highly offensive and may become a problem to your family, Gaia’s technicians aim to use safe and effective method to help removing the wasp nest to solve the problem.