Kidz English - Learning with your Kids
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*** Parent’s Love for Children: The Story Behind the Scene of Kidz English *** 

Out from the frustration of searching the perfect app for their children, two fathers from two families come together and spawn magic, creating something incredibly fun and practical; helping their kids to learn the English alphabet miraculously enjoyable and with ease. Breaking the boundary of traditional learning apps, they are proud to present an English learning app that can teach their children whatever word that comes up in their mind, and are able to share their accomplishment with friends and families. To spread their joy and help other parents who are in search of the right tool, now this amazing English learning app is free to download for children around the world. Now it’s your chance to join the joy of millions of parents around the globe, for FREE! 

*Parents’ Testimony* 

“I decide what I want to teach my kid, and Kidz English lets me do that.” –Thomas 
“5 minutes a day and my daughter has learnt all the alphabets in no time.” – Michael 
“It’s fun to create my own learning pack for my son, and now I’ve something to brag about.” – Tiffany 


• Make DIY words, record the pronunciation with your own voice and associate the words with your favorite photos. 
• Create DIY learning packages that best suit your children’s learning patterns. 
• Learn alphabets, numbers, colors, shapes, and basic vocabularies in interactive games. 
• Create profile for your children and track learning progress and monitor performance. 
• Progressive grade of certificates are awarded to encourage children to achieve the best they can. 
• Performance reports and certificates can be exported and sent to parents by E-mail. 
• Record parents’ own compliment to motivate better learning performance. 
• Earn “thumbs-up” with each game completed and collect virtual ocean creatures. 
• Share the learning progress and achievement with friends and family through your favorite social media. 
• Meet the Kidz English characters, the Rainbow Monkey Kidz. 
• Listen to the original Kidz English sound track. 

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*Kidz English is compatible with iPad and iPad mini with IOS6.0 and above.

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