Hohola Baby Korean PP Shorts, Cool, Comfortable &
價格: $50
刊登: Hohola Baby (step_905) 聯絡人: Stephen
聯絡電話: Stephen000905 (主)
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日期: 2014-04-01
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Hope you all enjoy Hohola Baby~!
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Hohola Baby come again! rush rush rush~
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ORiginal HKD150, NOW ONLY 50HKD (for Hong Kong)
With white and blue colour
好啦!寶 50元店新開張!!! 快快搶! 夏天快來了, 快為小朋友添置新衣~~為充滿激情的夏天做好準備~來找我們吧!
再來, 原價150元, 現只售50元一條沙灘七分褲~! 數量不多=>
╭( ▔▽▔)╮我今天要表演变章鱼!  ( I am acting as a Octopoda today! )
╜ ╙  

╭( ▔▽▔)╯要开始搂~  (I start now~)
╜ ╙  

╰( ≥﹏≤)╯呜阿。。  (Uuuuh...)
╜ ╙  

( ▔◎▔) 喔耶~变身完毕!  (Oh yeah! Complete transforming! )

(‖▔◎▔)  ㄜ。。  (sasasaaaaa...)

(‖╤◎╤)  变不回了。。  (cannot transform backward! >.<)