Sensual Massage / Tantric Massage [男按摩師]
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刊登: Hong Kong Massage Pro (secret-massa) 聯絡人: James
聯絡電話: 54195844 (主)
地址: Home / Hotel
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日期: 2016-01-17
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My name is James and I am a qualified massage therapist.  I massage both women and couple.

This massage is a wonderful way to make you feel good, stimulate sexual, relax your body totally, rejuvenate and energise you.

I can do outcall service. Both private home(preferable) and hotel. 

HK$ 600 for 90mins.

wechat : hkmassagepro

Please Call / Whatsapp / SMS : 5419 5844


Strong hands or soft hands,whichever you prefer. <br>

I am very good, and passionate in what I do, <br>

and I use the best organic coconut oils available. <br>

The massage is tailor-made to the specific needs of the individual client. <br>

I am very experienced at focusing on the problem areas of your body. <br>

At the moment, I am only available for outcalls, <br>

Give your body the pleasure it deserves. <br>

Let my hands take you into the oblivion, <br>

Let my hands, take you to heaven ! <br>


Home Massage / Sensual Massage (For Ladies By male Masseur) Outcall Massage, Hotel Massage


** The service is ONLY FOR FEMALE and COUPLE**

( For Ladies By male Masseur )








홍콩 안마사 전문 가정 / 호텔 마사지, 바디 마사지 / 마사지 푸시 오일 / 향수 오일 / 중국어 마사지를 제공합니다

*이 서비스는 FEMALE * 전용입니다

(남성 안마사에 의해 숙녀를위한)


Гонконг предоставляет профессиональный массажист дома / гостиницы массаж, массаж тела / массаж толчок масло / аромат масла / китайский массаж

** Услуга доступна только для женщин **

(Для женщин-мужчин Массажист)