Bless, a Health Caring Juicery.
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Bless, a Health Caring Juicery. Provide you with the Natural form of Solutions. Bless offers a variety of Cold Pressed Juices, from Daily-vitamins Juices, Organic Juices to Detox Juice Cleanse Programs. 100% Raw, No sugar & No water added. Pressed Daily in Hong Kong.  Bless Juice Cleanse Programs including a 1-on-1 Consultation with our in-house nutritionists FREE.  Personal delivery and catering service are also available.

Bless International Group is a phenomenal cold-pressed juice company who would bring a natural life balancing gift from nature back to you. We endeavor to find a natural way to restore our customers’ live back to balance in order to “Make you get blessed. Make you get balanced. Make you live in confidence”.

Bless juice is a lot more than just a bottle of compressed natural glory. It is 100% raw, no sugar, and no preservative added juice. We minutely produce our juice through low temperature pressure process so as to provide highly-nutritious product which may immensely help your body to absorb nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins from 3 to 5 times more. If you are pursuing a chance to refresh your body function, strengthen your immune system, or even flush your toxins out, Bless juice is your choice to maintain the nutritional benefits.

In pursuit of customers’ best experience, we dedicate to continuous research and development. Our professional in-house nutritionist not only designs formulas of every Bless juice, but also allows you to fine-tune or create your own juicy formulas.


Let Bless juice become an exemplary start to your fitness. We hope our juice make you a giant leap towards a more cheerful, more balanced, and more vigorous life.