ANT THE PAINTER 最能迎合你室內設計需要的油漆專家
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"My name is ANT & I Paint Stuff!"




9164 8185 (英語)

9721 9185 (廣東話)


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"My name is ANT & I Paint Stuff!"

Need Mould Removal? Need Craks, holes or gaps to be filled? Anthony can be of serivce! Anthony has recently moved to HK from the UK, and have more than 10 years painting experiences various different interiors in the UK. 

He is up to date with the latest paint related products, and maintains great relationships with suppliers to ensure he provides his clients with the best value for money. No matter Ceilings, Walls, Coving, or any woodwork, No matter which part of Hong Kong, ring him up for a urgent quotation today! Anthony will be there to provide the highest quality services to his clients.

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9164 8185 (English)

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