inT Design Furniture Limited
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地址: Flat C, 29/F, Tower A, Billion Centre, 1 Wang Kwong Road, Kowloon Bay
編號: 116120
日期: 2017-11-03
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inT design has been invited for interviews by different newspapers, magazines and television, also our designs have won different international awards such as International Design Award (USA) and A Design Award (Italy).
Our mission is ""We Design Dreams!"", we design your ideal home with high flexibility and freedom. With years of experience, we will provide professional advice to you based on your needs and wants, living habit, preference, etc. and bring all these good pieces together to create your unique and ideal home.
inT design
的室內設計,曾多次獲得各大報章雜誌及電視傳媒專訪,亦曾獲取International Design Award (美國)A Design Award (意大利) 等設計大獎,作品無數。
我們的團隊本著 ""We Design Dreams! "" 的使命, 以高自由度及高彈性形式來為客人度身訂造理想之家。本著多年的經驗及專業眼光,我們會因應您們新居的優與缺、生活習慣、喜愛的風格等等... 在各方面給予專業意見,為您創造獨一無二的理想家居!