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Designer-Kinki 誠接WEB SITE DESIGN
主要是INFORMATIVE WEBSITE by Wix platform

Your website (by Kinki) can help you to
1 accumulate marketing efforts (brand value and exposure)
2 act as a point of sources of content, which all marketing activities can point to the content of the websites

fashionable sliding graphics/fale-in-out
plugin/ multimedia link-up
mobile site
editable client account

Can Includes:
form building
simple eCommerce shop
SEO tracking

Rate $30000 to 70000 (3-5pages)
Hosting ISP buying $10000 (OPTIONAL)
SEO setup n buying (3 months) $10000

Company image styling 
Text modification $10000
Graphic design $10000

Photographic $10000 (OPTIONAL)
Research $10000 (OPTIONAL)

Marketing Campaign with form $10000 (SUGGESTED)
Mkt strategies design
text and graphic management
form building
statistical result handling for 3 months
Project Flow:
(DAY 1) requests collection-> (Day 3) discussion of draft (50%payment)->(Day 7) text and graphic preparation by client-> (Day 10) fine tune of information by me-> (Day 13) content placement->( Day 15) review by client (40%payment)-> (Day 17) one free amendment -> (Day 22) (extra $$$ for amendments) or no objection agreement(final 10% payment)+(one month) Q and A support on use. 


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