Connected Communcations - 平面設計 / 網頁設計
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日期: 2011-04-01
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CONNECTED COMMUNICATIONS 相信,每個人都是以不同的方式緊扣在一起。正因如此,我們願意作為您們跟客戶的橋樑,為您們找到目標客戶,讓您們免卻錯配客戶的煩惱,能專注研發事業,輕鬆地提升公司的營業額。

我們的團隊精於設計及製作,從平面設計例如單張、小冊子、名片、文具及海佈至數碼的媒體例如網頁設計. 除了廣告製作外,專業的市場策劃及公關服務也是我們所擁有的,有我們做後盾,找到目標客戶將會變成一件非常容易的事。

為慶祝我們開業,所有收到此邀請電郵的機構將可以七折優惠價享受我們為您們提供的專業服務。而頭一批受邀請的將會是香港及澳門的教育機構,所以,不要錯過宣傳的機會!如有任何查詢,請致電2886 4733

: 2886 4733

CONNECTED COMMUNICATIONS believes in the idea that everyone is interconnected in different ways. With that as our firm motto, we wish to connect clients’ companies with their target customers, thereby in the process boosting up their business with greater relations to others.

We specialize in design and production in various media, from eye catching 2D media such as leaflets, brochure, banners, and posters to digital media such as interactive webpage design. Besides production of advertising materials, professional marketing and public relations service are also part of our niche as we will do our utmost in helping clients to reach their target audience.

Our vision is to bond our clients with their target market in a professional and cost effective manner.

Telephone: 2886 4733
Address: 1a, Pegasus Building, 244 Tung Choi Street, Mongkok, Kowloon