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Successfully market and organise your business by using the Internet to its full potential when you use FunctionEight to provide services and tools to make this aim a reality.

Specialising in easy to use web based systems, FunctionEight develops websites that can be controlled to a very high degree by the companies or organisations that own them!

At FunctionEight we aim to unleash the true potential of any web presence, ultimately allowing it to grow and serve its intended purpose.

Coupled with online marketing, performance analysis, high specification hosting and support, FunctionEight offers a very powerful service which allows the users of our solutions to concentrate on their primary business objectives.

FunctionEight has many years of experience working with companies of all sizes to develop bespoke websites, from simple promotional sites through to highly interactive sites.

Together, with our partners, we can offer you the complete web solution, from planning and designing your site, through creation and hosting, to maintaining and marketing the site on the internet on your behalf.

FunctionEight specialises in websites with complex database functionality. Designed custom solutions, these websites comprise intuitive and easy to use interfaces at both the public front end and the secure user authenticated back end. The final solution provides the client with specific business workflow management.


FunctionEight believes in working closely with its clients to create an accurate blueprint for a site before any of the development work begins. Once we have a full and thorough understanding of your site's requirements and the business processes involved in the way it will function, we can develop a solution that elegantly encompasses all your requirements in an efficient and scalable way.


FunctionEight works with its clients to find the best design for a particular project and aims to maximise the 'wow' factor, whilst balancing it against the other very real constraints of the internet, such as download times, browser compatibility and available browser plug-ins.


FunctionEight believes in basing our choice of technology on each individual situation and for no other reason. At the same time we are also aware that the use of tried and tested technologies not only ensures a project's success, but also allows further development of a project to be undertaken by any development company familiar with mainstream technologies and best practice.


Over the years FunctionEight has developed websites requiring a range of hosting solutions and are experienced in choosing the right type of hosting for your project based on the number of anticipated visitors to your site, the reliability you require, the complexity of your site and your budget.


All websites require a degree of ongoing maintenance in terms of content updating and functionality changes to align the website with business processes. FunctionEight can provide maintenance contracts of varying sizes for the developed website as well as a high degree of client content updating if required.


Good marketing of your site is the key to its success. The more targeted traffic you can drive to your site, the more effective it will be at meeting your business objectives. FunctionEight has considerable experience in website awareness promotion through various mediums.

FunctionEight provides Website Development services priced to suit your needs. We can provide a quotation based on a project basis or you can engage us on an hourly basis in accordance with our standardised hourly rate table.


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