OfferU 網頁設計, 平面設計, CRM, EDM
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日期: 2011-04-11
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• 度身訂造網頁
• 域名註冊
• 網頁寄存
• 搜尋器優化 (SEO)
• 點擊廣告 (PPC)
• 網站內容管理系統 (INSECTA CMS)
• 客戶關係管理系統 (AVES CRM)
• 電郵推廣 (EDM)
• 會員系統
• 商店系統
• 網上付款系統
• 網上平台
• 討論區
• 網誌

• 平面設計
• 產品目錄 (電子版/印刷版)
• 海報
• 宣傳單張
• 橫額
• 易拉架


電話: 3101 0788
傳真: 2342 9112

OfferU committed to provide our clients with the most practical solution on different kinds of web project.

From outstanding website to e-marketing programme, from content management system (CMS) to customers relationship management (CRM), OfferU always makes technologies right and simple.

OfferU gives you more than you expected. As a professional design house with years of experience in website building and graphic design, now we take on step closer to deliver our profession to the industry.

OfferU knows you want your business be heard, be visioned and be understood. This is the only reason OfferU is here. OfferU knows how to do it and we do it correctly.

From corporate identity to website, and from poster to product package, OfferU always does jobs with heart. Every piece of our work will definitely provide the client with the right sense in both economic and marketing aspects. Whilst you concentrate in doing your core business; OfferU lifts you up; giving you the proper polish and making you shine.

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