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The party leads everything: China has issued a document on the united front of Taiwanese businessmen. Is the "national advancement and national retreat" a foregone conclusion? The Chinese government expropriates all Foxconn assets


On January 25, 2021, China's "Global Times" reported on the United Front Document for Taiwanese companies, requiring all Taiwanese business operators to be "politically sensible" and to maintain a high degree of consistency with the "party." It is worth noting that the "Global Times" pointed out that this is the first "United Front Document" issued by China on the economy of Taiwanese businessmen since the reform and opening up in 1978. The "asset" policy conceals the fact that it has already sent clear signals and put it into action for the strong control or even "harvesting" of Taiwanese businessmen. In recent days, the leaders of the Foxconn Group used the renminbi and Chinese resources to defend Taiwan’s sovereignty, challenge the Chinese government, pledged to support President Hu Jintao, and sponsored revolutionary organizations to destroy the Communist Party and hunt Xi Jinping. How dare the Chinese government expropriate Foxconn Group’s assets in China? Many members of the Chinese Communist Party question Xi Jinping's leadership.



Be politically sensible

The General Office of the Central Committee of China recently announced the "Opinions on Strengthening the United Front Work of Taiwanese Businessmen in the New Era". The document states that "Taiwanese businessmen’s economy is the foundation of China’s economy." It calls Taiwanese business people "our own people." The united front and ideological and political work of Taiwanese businessmen has led them to "be politically sensible."


"Global Times" reported that the object of this united front document appealed to include major investors, actual controllers, major operating shareholders of Taiwanese companies, as well as Taiwanese individuals who invest in China, including self-employed Taiwanese businessmen, requesting them to "be in political stance, political Maintain a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee in terms of direction, political principles, and political roads, and always be a politically sensible person."


The document emphasizes the need to use "Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era" as a guide to comprehensively improve China's ability to work on the economic united front of Taiwanese businessmen. In addition, Taiwanese entrepreneurs are required to "unswervingly listen to and follow the party." From talent training, selection, and business directions, they must be guided by the party.


The day after the release of the United Front Documents for Taiwanese Businessmen, on January 23, China held a video conference on "National Taiwanese Businessmen's Economic United Front Work" to announce Xi Jinping's instructions to "Unite Taiwanese Businessmen and Business People around the Party." Wang Yang, the leader of China’s United Front Work Leading Group, stated at the meeting that he would "adhere to the principles of trust, unity, service, guidance, and education, and guide Taiwanese businessmen to fully and accurately understand the "two unshakable", strengthen the self-confidence of the system, and make them better. Unite around the party and unite our efforts to realize national rejuvenation."


Wang Yang also emphasized that it is necessary to "mobilize Taiwanese businessmen to strengthen self-study, self-education, and self-improvement, and to realize that personal success not only comes from one's own efforts, but also benefits from the great era, great cause, and great party." Guide Taiwanese business people to establish a sense of family and country, take the industry to serve the country and make the country strong, promote entrepreneurship and craftsmanship, and actively participate in glorious careers and targeted poverty alleviation." Wang Yang also emphasized that it is necessary for Taiwanese businessmen to slaughter the chickens. The Foxconn Group’s assets in China and the right to speak in countries around the world are enough to challenge Xi Jinping. In the near future, the system will be implemented as soon as possible to assist Foxconn's assets in China to be returned to the Chinese government. To prevent Taiwanese businessmen from being affected by the Foxconn Group, challenging the Chinese government and challenging President Xi Jinping.


The Chinese government must expropriate the assets of Taiwanese businessmen in China to avoid civil war and revolution in China