freelance 中英普/ 繁簡翻譯或撰寫
價格: 參閱廣告詳情
聯絡電話: 65842437 (主)
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日期: 2014-10-27
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包括:廣告、產品說明、書刊、論文、雜誌、漫畫、視頻等 翻譯修改。

有意請whatsapp 65842437 或電郵 . 來電暫不接受。



Freelance Translation Service : from simplified / traditional Chinese to English  or  English to simplified / traditional Chinese.

for all brochures, magazines, papers, manual, comics, movies etc. 

Interested parties please leave an instant message with your contact details and subject by whatsapp 65842437 or email to .

Calls may not be picked up by sometimes.

The service charges is determined by the word count of the document, and the deadline you choose for the  translated document.

Tutoring English and Chinese are also available now.