Thebigword seeking for Proofreader
價格: 參閱廣告詳情
刊登: Thebigword (cherrycheng9) 聯絡人: Xu Cheng
聯絡電話: 1(646)7708000 (主)
地址: 20 Broad Street, Floor 27, NY
編號: 88347
日期: 2014-10-15
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Thebigword is looking for talented translators, proof-readers or copy-editors for a long-term freelance position to review translations for a high-profile client.

The ideal candidate is a Native Cantonese speaker with outstanding English skills, at least one year of translation experience and some command over internet languages as well as some experience using internet tools. Candidates should be comfortable spotting and correcting errors in software localization, marketing and advertising content.

Workload is steady 5-10 hours per week during an initial assessment period, and reaches 10-15 hours per week upon completion of training.


If you are interested, please e-mail your CV to