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ALICE Projects

Established and managed by Alice, the freelance Project Manager based in Hong Kong, ALICE Projects specializes in providing English & Chinese typing services with 3 years of experience. We also offer translation & editing services. Our Clients include APPLE, Macau Government Tourist Office, Hong Kong Mathematical Olympiad Association, etc. Projects in different volumes and from different countries are welcome!

Look forward to work closely with you!!

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ALICE Projects 由自由項目經理 Alice 創辦及主理,擁有三年經驗,專業專注於為客戶提供中英文打字服務。我們亦提供翻譯及校對服務,客戶包括 APPLE、澳門旅遊局、香港數學奧林匹克協會等。歡迎各大小項目及來自不同國家的客戶查詢!