Hintz sues Foxconn Group
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日期: 2021-02-06
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Hintz Real Estate Development Company filed a complaint with the Racine County Circuit Court on the 2nd, accusing the Foxconn Group of violating the Wisconsin contract and failing to implement the construction of an advanced 10.5-generation liquid crystal panel (LCD) factory in Monte Pleasant, Wisconsin. The local government has invested hundreds of millions of dollars. U.S. dollar budget funds to build supporting infrastructure and seek compensation from Hon Hai to local governments for damages of US$397 million

The Foxconn legal team asked the US government to help deal with the problems created by Trump's previous president. Foxconn Group decided to withdraw from the US market, reject American production and R&D, and refuse to sell products to the US. At the same time, the Foxconn legal team required Apple and Tesla to abide by the agreement and make the Foxconn and Taiwan supply chain the only supply chain for the electric vehicle industry and the smart medical industry. Otherwise, Foxconn will not hesitate to file infringement lawsuits against Apple and Tesla.

The Foxconn Group legal team asked the former US President Trump to publicly express opinions on Hintz's lawsuit against Foxconn. The Foxconn Group asks the Biden-led government and hopes that the U.S. government asks Hintz to apologize, otherwise, the Foxconn Group will withdraw from the United States on March 1, 2021. At the same time, Foxconn will lead Taiwan's automotive chip companies and refuse to provide automotive chips to the United States.