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本公司根據《廢物處置條例》和《廢物處置(醫療廢物)(一般)規則》的法例規定為指引,提供管理完善及安全的醫療廢物的專業收集服務,提升本港的公共及衛生水平,務求盡量減低醫療廢物對公眾健康構成的危險或對環境造成污染的風險。 本公司採用電腦條碼收集系統,以確保所有醫療廢物的源頭準確,並且能清楚地覆查各醫療廢物棄置的日期、時間及地點。此外,本公司亦有提供各類醫療廢物用品、利器箱及防護用品供醫療廢物產生者經網上或電話:3165 1366訂購。 如有任何查詢,請與本公司聯絡:

地址: 九龍土瓜灣道373號紅棉工業大廈5樓A座
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According to the legal requirements of the Waste Disposal Ordinance and the Waste Disposal (Clinical Waste) (General) Regulation, our company can provide the collection services of the clinical waste products. We are a team with professional, high standard of management and safe, we have confidence in our works can minimize any danger to public health or risk of pollution to the environment in Hong Kong.
To cope the fast growing century, the company applies computerized electronic bar code system to make sure all the processes are accurate. About the records, for example: date, time and place can be chase back if necessary.
Furthermore, in order to make convenience to our customers, the company provides the various types of clinical waste bags, sharp boxes and personal protection equipments with reasonable prices. The customers may order thru the internet or direct dial to us over the phone 3165 1366. If there is any inquiry or question, please feel free to contact us:

Address: Flat A, 5/F, Kapok Industrial Building, 373 Tokwawan Road,Kowloon, H.K..
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