Eunice Makeup Studio 專業新娘化妝造型服務
價格: $380
刊登: Eunice Make Up Studio (eunicemakeup) 聯絡人: Eunice Fung
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日期: 2013-10-18
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Plan A  新娘妝及髮型設計一次 (早或晚)     $1200

Registration or Evening Makeup/ Hair Styling


Plan B  新娘妝及髮型設計早及晚各一次    $2880

Day and Evening Makeup/ Hair Styling


Plan C  新娘妝及髮型設計早及全晚              $5288

Registration and Whole Evening Makeup & Hair Styling


Plan D  新娘妝及髮型設計全日                       $5880

Whole day & Evening Makeup & Hair Styling


新娘試妝 (兩妝兩頭) Bridal Makeup Trial (Two Styling)                $380 

即日下訂免收試妝費 Trial fee will be waived if booking is confirmed


以上價錢均包括假髮,假眼睫毛和所有化妝髮型之用品 (只供新娘使用)

Free use of hair accessories and false eyelashes (For Bridal use only)


  • 落實以上服務需繳付總額之50%作為訂金,所有訂金均不能退回及轉讓,餘額必須於服務當日或之前付清

50% of the total service fee has to be paid as deposit for confirmation of booking. Such deposit is non-refundable irrespective of any reason. The balance of the service fee has to be paid on the date of service.





親友化妝連髮型 Bridemates and Relatives Makeup and Hair Styling        $280


電話:(852) 9789 5623