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Make a healthy spa for ovaries to keep women young forever




It is often said that the ovaries are related to the youth of women and can keep women's second sexual characteristics: plump, round buttocks, breasts bulging, narrow shoulders buttocks wide, and sharp voice. In addition to genetic, water and soil, climate, race, nutrition and other factors, it also has an important relationship with the estrogen secreted by the ovary. Therefore, the maintenance of ovaries is very necessary for women, especially middle-aged women whose body functions are beginning to decline.




The ovary is an important female reproductive organ. It is located on both sides of the uterus in the pelvic cavity of the lower abdomen, one on each side, connected to the uterus with a ligament, and controlled by the endocrine and reproductive axis system. The ovary can coordinate the female reproductive system as a whole, and it can also produce mature and fertilizable eggs, and secrete various hormones such as progesterone, inhibin, and estrogen. These hormones are involved in the adjustment of the body's physiological functions, maintaining female characteristics and normal physiological metabolism, maintaining the balance of the endocrine system, ovarian spa, or ovarian maintenance. It is the use of essential oil massage and aromatherapy navel paste under heating conditions. Apply it to the local skin such as the abdomen, let it penetrate into the body through the skin, and then massage it. Activate the pituitary gland by massage, and promote the ovaries to secrete the estrogen and progesterone needed by women through the pituitary gland, which can nourish the face, remove freckles, and postpone menopause and delay aging. In addition, ovarian maintenance needs to pay attention to the following points: Lower ovarian SPA, to avoid menstrual period; Second, when the body can also secrete estrogen normally, taking estrogen will inhibit the secretion of hormones in the body to a certain extent, it is not desirable; ③ avoid excessive depression or excitement, keep An optimistic, cheerful mood and adherence to a good life law can also regulate its own endocrine function, improve the body's immunity, and benefit skin beauty; Fourth, no matter what new beauty projects appear on the market, they should carefully consider their scientificity and feasibility Do n’t follow the advertisement blindly. Female friends who advocate beauty and skin care should be scientific and beauty, which is the first choice.




Of course, in addition to SPA, eating foods with more vitamin E content, such as wheat, black rice, sunflower seeds, onions, etc., also has a very good effect on maintaining the uterus and ovaries. And soy milk, soybeans, red beans, black beans beaten with soy milk every day, it is also very helpful to supplement phytoestrogens, should be long-term adherence.




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About Hong Kong:




We have professional spa equipment and massage experts to create a professional SPA system alone. Whether it is exotic style or classical style, you can find it here, or you can customize it according to the needs of VIPs. Light luxury health care, due to our heart, we strive to build men's high-end spa SPA health club. Far away from the urban glory, enjoy the current gentle time, more than 50 kinds of high-end health care projects, provide one-to-one high-end private customized services, give the exquisite experience of body and mind from inside to outside Hefei female spa male massage technician club services (only shown here section):




Hong Kong male technician WeChat; SPA1387 single body soothing conditioning




Aiming at various discomfort symptoms of acupuncture points and musculoskeletal points of the human body, professional techniques such as rubbing, pressing, tapping, dialing, holding, and rolling are used to unblock one by one, improve the discomfort of the body, and regulate qi and blood.




1) Before the service, you can go to Maizi Tea Bar to enjoy the kung fu tea made by the tea artist of the day (different daily varieties), and the wheat members will also receive a free pot of ancient Yunnan Pu'er tea




2) The service starts, the conditioner leads to a specific style of themed room, and the essential oil of the room is blended with plant-extracted aromatic oil imported from Germany;




3) The customer prone position, first relax the whole back, then from the shoulder and neck position, massage and relax the trapezius muscle and sternocleidomastoid muscle of the shoulder and neck




4) Dredge the nodule particles and strained parts on the double line of the back meridian points




5) From the waist, back, legs, inner, and outer meridian points, press and relax to clear the blood




6) The customer lies in the supine position. The conditioner cleans his hands and presses on the points of the meridian points on the head to nourish the blood and adjust the mind.




7) Press and massage the meridian points and muscle ligaments of the legs to relax the legs and relieve fatigue




Customers and masseurs can focus on the parts that need to be adjusted according to their personal circumstances




The service process of Hong Kong women's spa male massage technician club:




1. Customers please call the customer service phone of the website or QQ or WeChat to understand the service items of the clubhouse and the address of the clubhouse. For appointment time, please arrive at the clubhouse on time.




2. The customer arrives at the clubhouse at the appointed time. We have professional reception staff to introduce the project table and charging standards, service content, process and time for you in detail. We only introduce the non-promotion, fully comply with the customer's wishes, and you will select the suitable project.




3. When the customer arrives at the club, the service staff will provide you with free tea drinks and snacks (according to the variety of water bar purchases on the day).




4. After the customer has selected the project, the receptionist will arrange a clean, hygienic, quiet and high-quality exclusive room for you to start your health maintenance journey service project.




5. Our professional service staff will guarantee the quality and time of the content of the project, and provide the best service wholeheartedly. The service does not charge any fees and additional fees. All fees are charged according to the service item table, and the consumption is transparent. If there is any dissatisfaction in the process, you can communicate with the service staff, or you can tell the customer service. We will do the best coordination service for you at the first time, and strive to achieve your satisfaction.




7. After the service is over, if you are satisfied, please tell your friends or partners who have the same needs and hobbies around you. Your notification will definitely be our biggest growth force. If you are not satisfied with this service and sincerely accept your suggestions and complaints, please call or leave a message to our customer service, we strive to improve and keep it confidential, strive for progress, and provide you with a more complete service.




The Hong Kong Girls ’Club promises:




1. The technicians are all trained by specially-appointed famous teachers, strict teaching, full minutes and seconds.




2. All technicians should serve the first, with a bad attitude, inadequate service, and no tips.




3. We treat every new and old customer with sincerity, your satisfaction and smile is our eternal pursuit.




4. For many years, the company has complied with the service of leisure clubs to survive, and won your return with an attitude. Your satisfaction is our constant pursuit.




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